"Mortality of Dreams"

Filming in the jungle of Peru for 10 years
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December 3rd,  2018: Los Angeles, CA 6:00-8:00pm w/ filmmaker & physician discussion. Presented by UCLA Center for World Health @ Tamkin Auditorium, Level B 757 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90095 EVENT INFO HERE

December 2nd, 2018: Chicago, IL 2:00-4:00pm w/ filmmaker Q&A. Presented by the Peruvian Arts Society & PAMS @ Chicago Public Library, Meeting Room, 4455 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL EVENT INFO HERE

November, 2018: Clips from the film were shown at LifeSpan Network and Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) 2018 Annual Conference “Healthcare NOW!” Maryland’s senior care, and skilled nursing and post-acute care associations. (HFAM is affiliated w/ American Health Care Association/National Council for Assisted Living AHCA/NCAL)

Others in 2018: Brattleboro, Vermont community screening with Q&A.  **    Melbourne, Australia Global Ideas Lab, at Alfred Hospital screening with Director/Producer Skype Q&A.  **  Official Selection WRIF White River Indie Festival. Panel discussion with filmmaker, Dr. Dean Seibert, MD and Gerd Gemünden, Professor at Dartmouth College  **  Private Screening Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

In his mother's home village, 600 miles from Lima, Dr. Luis Vasquez attempts to leave his legacy. For 10 years, “Mortality of Dreams” follows the construction of a sustainably designed, state of the art, and international volunteer-run hospital, which will provide healthcare for all.

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With heated debate around healthcare systems, like the Affordable Care Act, and global health epidemics such as Ebola, this story is important, timely, and needs attention. We have come to recognize, (and hear daily through news), how problems on one side of the globe affect everyone across the world. Luis’s philosophy of running the hospital with rotating specialists from around the world and the use of telemedicine, depicts a new way of providing and teaching healthcare.

What are the consequences of obsessing over a dream in order to leave a legacy? And will anyone show up to see it? 81-year-old retired cardiologist, Luis Vasquez dreams of a state of the art, volunteer-run hospital that will serve everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. The catch? It will be over 600 miles from Lima, in the middle of the jungle.

As a longitudinal story, it is filmed and structured over 10 years (2007 – 2016) with annual visits.


  • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
  • University of Central Florida 
  • Emory University
  • University of Michigan School of Medicine
  • Mending Kids California
  • PAMS (Peruvian American Medical Society)
  • San Marcos U. Medical School (Peru)
  • Universidad Cientifica del Sur (Peru)


An amazing journey of resilience and obsession for Vasquez, which threatens to destroy his own personal life, while improving the lives of others. -White River Indie Festival

It is an essential documentary to watch for anyone wanting to learn about health care access in South American countries and why it can be such a struggle to build a hospital far away from any big cities. The way Dr. Luis Vasquez brought together a community of international doctors makes you admire his willingness to follow a dream no matter what stands in the way. Program Director New York Times Student Journeys

I was moved to tears...It is truly inspiring to see what can be accomplished when you dream beyond any given limitation. This story is more than a hospital being built, it's about the power of believing in the possibilities. - Latin American, Blogger & Producer