Documentary Production Company

Director/Producer: Angela Snow 

Peaking behind the curtain of life, opening people’s eyes to the unseen in beautiful and unique ways.

World Circus Culture

Documentary feature film: Completed.


Available worldwide on DVD & VIMEO.

Following five circus acts from around the world to the ‘Academy Awards’ of circus competitions, the Monte Carlo Circus Festival, the film reveals the behind the scenes life, history, and culture of circus on an international scale as never done before. At stake is the equivalent of an Academy Award, recognition, respect, and guaranteed work – it’s the Golden Clown!

Film Festival Official Selection at Sedona, Sarasota, RiverRun & more.

FilmBuff distributed, Released worldwide on iTunes, HULU, etc

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Mortality of Dreams

Documentary feature film: Completed


Filming for 10 years in the jungle of Peru.

In the middle of nowhere Peru, Dr. Luis Vasquez asks the question, can dreams live on after death? Filming in Peru for 10yrs on the development of a global health system using sustainable architectural design & volunteer doctors.

Screenings & Acquisitions include VT PBS, UCLA, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, Stanford etc. IDA Fiscal Sponsored. Distribution through Alexander Street.

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Past & future projects

Promo videos, documentaries, etc


In Development: "Future Cures" (working title)

In an industry dominated by the stereotype of nerdy old white men fighting a never-ending war on cancer, the film follows cool, young, and diverse scientists who - against all odds - are at the cusp of unique breakthroughs in treatments for top diseases. 

In Development: "Futrure Vermonters" (working title)

Following skilled workers, breaking the stereotype that one needs to get a four-year college degree and leave Vermont to have an interesting, lucrative, sustainable life.

In Development: "Defining Home"

What is the meaning of home?

Completed Promo Video: "Big Build" Habitat for Humanity

Completed Short Documentary: "Runaway Circus"

Promotional Travel Videos: Discovery Europe, BikeGreece, MilaTours

And more!

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